Apologies.. :(

I would like to sincerely apologise for lack no updates since september. But I have an honest explanation.. i do .. i do.

I just started my first year of University and well you guessed it I have been extrmly busy plus I have NO KITCHEN. If you count the shared kitchen then yeah but dude I refuse to use it .. unless the need is too great .. like this once..

So I’m in malaysia right not and i have access to the greatest fruits and vegetables imaginable and i cant really cook anythng because i dont have a ktichen (as previously stated) and i dont have any utencils 😥

Anyway, I was out grocery shopping and I come across black rice, I have heard about it but never actually seen it (you where i live and stuff) so i bought it immedialty and finally after months of no cooking went to the shared kitchen and boiled rice.

What did I have with the rice, if your wondering.. nothing. well i did have celery and some arabic pickles that i got but yea .. I cant afford the luxury of having something to go with rice, I mean why can’t rice not be eaten by itself?!

When I cooked the rice, it turned purple!! yes my friends you read this correctly — it turned PURPLE! So now i call it purple rice! 🙂

It had this very nutty flavour, so unlike the regular boring rice. Thus it could be eaten by itself. 😀

It doesn’t require any recipe just soak it for 4 hours or so (I soaked it overnight – so much more efficient) and then boiled with a pinch of salt for approximately 45 minutes.

ze lovely pictors:



2 Responses to Apologies.. :(

  1. Kitchen Flavours says:

    Allhumdulliah nice to see you back. I was wondering what happened to my sweet little girl. Black/purple rice looks gr8.

  2. Abeer says:

    Thank you, for your lovely comment. despite my absence i have been continuously following your blog and bookmarking recipes that i inshalla intend to make as soon as i get bak 😀

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